Born and raised in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Jeremy Berthelot (known better by his stage name Mr. Else) has been following his heart; making music for over a decade.


Now, the emcee is based in Denver, Colorado alongside label mate HevyLo. The duo has been creating some of the best music we've heard in a long time.


The musical journey of Mr. Else is just the beginning. His path thus far has been forged by the stories yet to be told, and those yet to be written. These sounds; these waves are what carry us onward. Created from LOVE and molded by EXPERIENCE we evolve through this crazy, beautiful, scary, exciting journey we call LIFE.


"This music is my Story. The story of just another HUMAN BEING HUMAN."

There is something to be said when you listen to an artist and truly feel their hearts on the track. Mr. Else has exceeded this statement with tracks such as: "Opinions" and his latest single "Just Maybe" that truly help introduce his upcoming EP "Human Being Human" available below.



Human Being Human EP


"Just maybe" (Single)
"Represent" (Single)
"opinions" (Single)