Typically our designs will vary in time depending on the level in which you wish to dive into this project. If your desire goes beyond or below the $75 mark you will either be reimbursed or billed separateful for additional work.

Promotional Flyers

$100.00 Regular Price
$75.00Sale Price
  • Please send the following information to info@moderneramusic.com

    1) Name, Location, Times and all other relevant information related to the event of promotion that we will be creating for.

    2) Any logos that you wish to include on your flyer

    3) If it's a tour flyer we ask that you send us a list of the dates in the following format: (ex. 12/1 - Majestic - Madison, WI) please list them in order from your first tour date and end with your last.

    4) If you're an artist please include your favorite image that you would like included on the flyer. If you're a brand that is not an artist please send us what you would like to show; such as, your logo, image of a particular product and so on.

    5) Any other relevant images, verbage and focal points that you would like our designer to focus on when designing the perfect flyer for any occasion!